Wednesday, January 02, 2013


January is a hibernation month for me. After the busyness and the buildup of the holiday season it is a welcome relief. Some of the hibernation is financially driven. My wife informed me this morning that we are on our own personal fiscal cliff. It’s not because we spent too much during the holidays. It’s more about what’s looming ahead. Can you spell T-A-X-E-S? Financially, emotionally, and spiritually, January is a good time to let the dust settle in our lives before the new life and activity of spring arrives. When the holidays are over it can be a bit depressing, especially during these days when all of the decorations have not yet been packed away. I will complete that task this coming weekend. Once that last Christmas tub is stored away and the shed is locked, there will be a sense of relief. When everything is packed away and the house is once again clean and orderly, I can begin in my psychological hibernation. My days of course will still be filled with work responsibilities but my evenings will be quiet time at home where I am protected from the dark and the cold of winter. Books, hot beverages, and good movies will comfort me. Slowly the days will grow longer, spring will challenge winter, the sun will shine more, and like an old bear I will re-emerge from my cave.

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