Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Life Is Always Changing

Life is always moving on and changing. This simple truth manifested itself to me yesterday while I stayed home suffering from allergies. I have lived in Louisville and the Ohio Valley most of my life and never had any problems. Now, almost every time I don’t feel good, it is diagnosed as allergies. I used to like staying up all night. Now I can’t wait to go to bed. I used to love loud rock and roll concerts but now the crowds get on my nerves. I used to be more outgoing and sociable but now I prefer to just be home living a quiet life. The world I was born into no longer exists. The world I live in now seems strange to me at times as though I am in a foreign country that I do not recognize. None of these things are bad things. It is just proof that life is always moving and changing. Nothing ever stays the same and in most cases, it shouldn’t. I have sometimes been accused of being resistant to change. I think we all are at times. There’s always a little panic in my workplace whenever people sense that change is coming. I don’t believe people fear change as much as they fear a loss of stability. People like to know what to expect and what can be depended on. To keep people happy I think we need reasonable stability with change that offers something, not only new, but good. It is not change that people fear, it is loss. If my allergies get worse, I fear the loss of my ability to breathe effectively. When change is in the air, and it is always out there somewhere, ask yourself what it is that you fear losing. At the same time, ask yourself how the change may benefit you. Maybe a change that pulls you out of your comfort zone is a good thing. Life is not static and we cannot be static either. Life will move on and change whether we like it or not.

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