Thursday, January 10, 2013


I have thousands of opinions still, but that is down from millions and, as always, I know nothing.
-Writer Harold Brodkey

Since I began writing daily thoughts I have published over 1200 of them. Some friends, who are two of my biggest fans and supporters, are currently reading and editing all these thoughts and trying to determine which ones are good enough to be in the book we hope to publish this year. One of the challenges of doing this is that I have written about so many different things over the years. I have written about my granddaughter, family life, Zen, rock and roll, trips to the monastery, the struggles of living a meaningful life, aging, and many other things. Of course, I think this variety of topics is also my appeal to many people. One of my editors described some of my writing as “things everyone thinks about”. I am a kind of “everyman” with fairly good communication skills who can communicate feelings that many people have but perhaps can’t articulate. Much of my writing is nothing more than me thinking out loud on paper. Intellection is one of my five strengths so I tend to be a thinking type person. I also have a very introspective personality. This doesn’t mean I am smarter than everyone else or that I have all the answers to the mysteries of the universe. To be honest, I still don’t know the meaning of life and I have few answers. I can identify with the author of the above quote when he says, “I know nothing”. In fact, the older I get the less I know for certain. I have questions and doubts about almost everything. I have been struggling lately to even think of things to write about since there is nothing new under the sun. The new book of quotes that I received as a Christmas gift has been very helpful in this regard. Writing keeps me from imploding. Some people work out at the gym or do needlepoint to relax. I write and I will continue to do so even if no one else ever reads what I write.

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