Monday, January 14, 2013

Weekend Adventures

I’m not really sick, I just don’t feel good.
-George Carlin

This past Friday I felt wiped out most of the day. I thought the day would never end. When I left work I then had the chore of going to the grocery store. On the best of days I dislike going to the grocery. I am one of only two or three husbands in the world who actually accompaniment their wives to the grocery.  My job is to push the cart, get things my wife can’t reach, and pick up heavy stuff like cases of Diet Coke. When I eventually got home I crashed on my couch. I knew I had to get rested because it was going to be a Chloe weekend. Fortunately I wasn’t really sick. I think what I had, and what I still have this morning, is allergies. If I had been truly sick I would have had to disappoint a sweet little girl. We spent Saturday afternoon at the movies watching “Parental Guidance”, a funny film about two grandparents trying to connect with three grandchildren they rarely saw. Afterwards, Chloe wanted to go to Build A Bear. This is a store where parents and grandparents can quickly become separated from their life savings. Fortunately I had a $25 gift card which lessoned the pain. While standing in the store I saw a well-dressed black man that looked very, very familiar. He finally walked over to me and said, “Does anyone ever tell you how much you look like Santa Claus”? I laughed and replied, “All the time”. After he introduced himself I knew why he looked so familiar. He was Muhammad Ali’s brother. He was a very congenial and humorous man. He made my time in Bear A Bear much more pleasant since there seemed to be thousands of children in the store who had eater way too much sugar. When Chloe went home on Sunday I once again collapsed on my couch and quickly fell into a deep sleep. I wish I was still there right now.

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