Thursday, February 21, 2013

Life's Little Annoyances

Today I will live in the moment unless the moment is unpleasant. In that case I will eat a cookie.
-Zen saying

Life is full of little challenges and annoyances. Here are a few of mine. Last week my wife prepared what would have been a tasty dinner cooked in a crock pot. Unfortunately she forgot to turn it on so we came home to a cold crock pot full of raw chicken. My alarm clock makes random decisions about whether or not it will wake my wife and I up on workdays. Fortunately I automatically wake up every two hours with or without a clock. My automatic coffee pot begins brewing my morning coffee at 6:10 AM every workday so it’s ready when I come downstairs. Sometimes, with no warning, it turns itself off and I don’t always realize it till the creamer I am stirring into my coffee does nothing but turn into lumps. My wife’s personal body temperature has nothing in common with the real temperature. She lives in an endless summer. No adjustment of the thermostat in the house or the car is to her satisfaction. Sometimes on the drive to work she will roll down her window to “get some air”. Keep in mind that it is still winter. Going to bed at my house is like camping out. The bedroom window is open, the ceiling fan is on high, and my wife also has a small personal fan on her nightstand that is on all night. At the same time I have my electric blanket on because I’m freezing. If anyone is looking for gift ideas for me, a hat and gloves that I can sleep in would be good. After 38 years of marriage my wife and I still disagree on the proper way to load a dishwasher. Yesterday I forgot to check the settings on my toaster so I ended up with a slice of warm bread. The butter barely melted. It took me three attempts to listen to the Who’s “Quadrophenia” CD because the first two times I fell asleep after just a couple of songs. More often than not it rains when I go to the grocery store and I have to load up the car in the pouring rain. None of these things could be considered a crisis. I categorize them as inconveniences but let’s be honest. These are the kinds of things that occasionally make you want to scream. Usually I don’t scream because screaming hurts my throat. I’m sure each of you could come up with your own little list of things that make you crazy or that annoy you. Maybe I am on your list.

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