Thursday, February 14, 2013

Stop Worrying So Much

Worry is the most natural and spontaneous of all human functions. It is time to acknowledge this, perhaps even learn to do it better.
-Pathologist Lewis Thomas

I know people…one of them is my wife…who worry about everything. Such people are almost incapable of not worrying. It is in their nature to worry about everything, no matter how irrational it may be. I worry about nothing. I sometimes have concerns and on a rare occasion I do get stressed. My wife would say that I don’t worry because I am clueless about reality. She would probably say this about all men. Admittedly, there are probably times I should worry. I do sometimes make molehills out of mountains but I am an eternal optimist who always believes things will get better even when they don’t. What does worry accomplish? It seems like a terrible waste of energy to me and I don’t have any that I can spare. Such energy could be spent seeking a solution to whatever it is that you are worrying about. I think many people worry because they cannot differentiate between an inconvenience and a real crisis. I don’t know exactly why I do not worry. I believe it is because of my belief and experience that God and life has always taken care of me. One way or another I have almost always gotten what I need to live. When I haven’t gotten what I thought I needed, I probably didn’t really need it. As we all know, there are needs and there are wants. Sometimes what I need is not what I want and it might take me a little while to accept that. I wish people, especially chronic worriers, would take all the time and energy they waste on worrying and use it to just think deeply about their life. They might want to reflect on the question, “Why do I worry so much and how many, if any, of my fears have actually come true”? We all need to deal with the challenges that life gives each of us but we would also be doing ourselves a big favor if we could simply relax and live.

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