Monday, June 17, 2013

A Day In My Life

Today I took a long lunch to attend the noon mass at St. Martin of Tours Church. It was my son’s last Mass there before beginning his new assignment in Elizabethtown later this week. Yesterday I wished both of my sons a Happy Father’s Day. One son is the father of my granddaughter and my other son is now a spiritual father for others.

My wife was under the weather this morning so I got up and came to work alone. I thought I was capable of doing this but now I’m not sure. I made my morning coffee and enjoyed a cup while I was still at home. Then, per my usual routine, I made a cup to go for my travel mug. I didn’t realize until I was in the parking garage that I didn’t drink any of it on my commute. Normally my wife and I ride to work together and she hands me the travel mug. Today she wasn’t there to do that. I guess I am no longer able to think for myself.

Tonight I having a solo dinner with my granddaughter after I pick her up at her karate school. I wonder how long it will take her to try to take me into something? I wonder how long I can resist her smiling face and sweet voice? Maybe we will just talk about life as we eat a Happy Meal. We will see....

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