Thursday, June 20, 2013

The Ripple Effect

I am not trying to make a big splash with the things I write about. My basic goal is to enlighten people and to expand their consciousness. Rather than make a big splash, I hope that each day I am tossing pebbles into a pond and the ripples caused by my writing encourage other people to think for themselves. I am often amazed at how little most people think. It seems to me that most people are focused on the needs of the day and not on the quality of the day. I don’t know why I am driven to seek enlightenment or to feel a need to enlighten others. Lots of people who are smarter than me are not necessarily deep thinkers and people who are deep thinkers are not necessarily practical people. In fact, many deep thinkers have their head in the clouds. Only the best of them also have their feet on the ground. I am a strong advocate of contemplation. I encourage people to find some time in their life when they can ponder their own lives as well as the bigger picture beyond their own personal concerns. Contemplation is part of spirituality. Spirituality in simple terms is how you put the spirit into your reality. Contemplation and spirituality can lift us above the sometimes petty concerns of our daily lives. They can also expand the best parts of who we are. Contemplative and spiritual people can show us how to be more loving, giving, and compassionate people as well as more connected with the deeper realities of life.

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