Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Pod People

Monday evening is my favorite time of the work week because I get to pick up my granddaughter from her karate school and take her out to dinner.  Last night we went to McDonald’s where she spend more time playing than eating.  I like to see her every week so I can keep up with what is going on in her life and I can listen to her view of life as an eight year old girl.
My office is full of Pod People.  I am not talking about human beings whose bodies have been taken over by aliens although in a few cases I think that may be true.  I am talking about people who walk around and work all day with their ear buds and headphones on while they are lost in the inner world of their iPod playlists.  I must admit that I am one of these people.  Music is one of my very favorite things in life and I consider the iPod one of life’s great inventions.  As an introvert I already spend most of my time within myself.  As a Pod Person I can now provide a musical soundtrack to my inner world.  Let me tell you that no matter how laid back and peaceful I may appear on the outside, I am rocking on the inside.  If I am listening to a live concert I am there in my mind with front row seats.  I suppose that being a Pod Person can cause us to be disengaged and aloof.  However, in addition to the tremendous joy that I receive from listening to my favorite music, my iPod also keeps me focused on what I am doing, whether it’s working at my desk or walking laps around the office.  It minimizes my distractions and it relieves my boredom.     

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