Monday, October 14, 2013

Children And Grandchildren

Children and grandchildren are more than our replacements to keep human life going on this planet.  They are here to receive our love and, hopefully, to love us in return.  I think children are also part of God’s plan to make us think of something beyond ourselves.  Most of us are obsessed with ourselves, especially when we are young.  Nothing will change this obsession for most people quicker than a newborn.  I once made a foolish statement as a young man when I told someone that my newborn son would not change my life much.  I assumed he would adjust to my lifestyle.  I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had to eat those words.  Having children radically changed my life.  Not only was I no longer number one in my life, I’m not sure I was number anything after my children were born.  In ways good and bad they became the total focus of my life.  You cannot be a good parent without giving up a large portion of your own life.  Grandchildren are not as demanding as children unless of course you have responsibility for their daily care.  My experience with my granddaughter is that being her Paw Paw is pure joy.  I’ve always thought grandchildren are the reward for being a parent.  I spent the entire weekend with my granddaughter and being a grandfather is totally different experience from being a parent.  Our children and grandchildren should be our number one priority in life.  When we bring them into this world we should consider it our greatest mission to form them into the best human beings that we can.  They are our replacements and our future and we should work to prepare them to do a better job of running the world than most of us who are currently adults have done.

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