Monday, October 28, 2013

I'm Moving A Little Slow Today

The comedienne George Carlin once said, “I’m not really sick, I just don’t feel good”.  This kind of describes me this morning.  Since it is Monday I woke up with my usual sense of dread for the coming week and I also felt a little stressed for no particular reason.  As far as I know I have nothing to dread or be stressed about.  Admittedly the work week engine can be a little difficult to start on a Monday morning.  However, once it does start it usually runs pretty well the whole week.  All of this reminds me of how much our feelings can affect our moods.  Although some of our feelings are deep and real, many of them are like the weather.  They change frequently and without notice.  Some days are hot and other days are cold.  Once in a while you have a perfect day.  I try to ignore most of my moods and feelings because our perceptions are not always a true mirror of reality.  Many days that started with a sense of dread have turned out to be very pleasant days.  On a rare occasion there have also been days that I expected to be good but then I got blindsided by something.  I guess one should always expect the unexpected although most days are routine and uneventful.  If you are feeling like me this morning, hang in there.  Go drink a cup of coffee or a Diet Coke.  If we can make it through the next few hours, we’ll be fine.  Before we know it the work day will once again be over and we can return to the comfort of our homes.  However, don’t get too comfortable.  We have to do this again tomorrow.     

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