Friday, October 25, 2013

Home Is Where I Want To Be

When got to the office this morning one of the first things I heard was a young person making plans for the weekend.  Most young people want to be “out there”.  They like to run with the herd.  I understand this because I did the same thing when I was young.  I now realize that being out there and running with the herd is against my nature.  I am a more solitary person and I have no desire to run with any herd.  As the Talking Heads sing in one of my favorite songs, “Home is where I want to be”.  This morning is the first hard freeze of the season.  It is cold outside.  I am eager to get through my workday so I can return to the warmth and solitude of my home.  I will sit in my chair, listen to some music, sip a cappuccino, and bask in the glow of my fake wood burning stove.  There is a Native American saying that goes “In old age nothing is better than a warm fire”.  I know I am not elderly yet but I am not a thirty year old either.  I understand the attraction of a warm fire.  One of the things I enjoy about getting older is the calm that comes into your life.  I didn’t like the rat race when I was young and I like it even less now that I am older.  A quiet, calm, peaceful life is what I desire.  Young people may think such a life is boring.  Someday they will understand and desire it for themselves.

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