Monday, February 03, 2014

Another Snowstorm

As I type these notes it is early morning and I am sitting in my very quiet office.  We had approximately six inches of snow last night in my city.  My employer had a two hour delay for the workday for those of us who have to drive into the office.  It has been a tough winter and most people are tired of it.  Last night’s snowfall was still beautiful.  When I opened the front door of my home this morning most of the snow was undisturbed.  I was lost in the beauty of the moment for a short time.  Eventually I went outside, cleaned off my car, and shoveled the walkway.  I needed to make a path to the car for my wife.  After falling and severely breaking her arm last summer she is terrified of falling again.  I’m no spring chicken myself so falling is not something I want to do either.  The snow was very light and fluffy.  I could have done wonders with a leaf blower but that thought didn’t occur to me until this moment.  This will not be a productive day for most people in my office.  They will slowly come drifting in and when they get here everyone must share all their personal stories about how their neighborhood received three feet of snow.  Although the snow is beautiful I dream of spring mornings and warm sunshine.    

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