Friday, January 31, 2014


I recently upgraded my home computer to Windows 8 and tonight I am getting a new cell phone.  I am completely traumatized by these events.  Although I like what new technology can do, I am not a technical person and technology scares me.  I grew up with a black and white television with two channels and it was in the family living room.  We had one telephone on the wall in my mother’s kitchen and it was a “party” line.  That means that sometimes when you wanted to use the telephone you had to wait because one of your neighbors was on the phone.  It also meant that the nosy old lady that lived nearby sometimes listened in to your personal telephone calls.  I survived my teen-age and young adult years without so much as a beeper.  The first twelve years I worked for my current employer we did not have PC’s, internet, or Microsoft Office.  I guess I haven’t done too bad for an old guy when it comes to adapting to modern technology.  I have become a master of my iPod, I love my Kindle Fire HD, and I manage well enough with my smart phone.  However, I have a television that is smarter than me and I cannot watch it unless my wife is there or one of my children.  The technological advances I have experienced in my life were unimaginable in my youth.  When I got married in the 70’s there still wasn’t microwaves or VCR’s.  Forget about CD’s, DVD’s, and Netflix streaming.  The term “Blu Ray” didn’t exist yet.  I actually love what technology can do but I am generally happy with whatever level of technology I am currently using.  The word “upgrade” terrifies me.  I am hoping I am retired before the next time my employer upgrades my computer.  Tonight I will be stressed because I don’t know how to use my new phone.  Don’t ask me what kind of phone I am getting.  I don’t know.  It will be whatever my wife and children think I should have.    

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