Monday, August 25, 2014

Keeping Up With Chloe

My granddaughter spent the weekend with my wife and me.  We had some interesting conversations with her while she was here.  In the middle of her Happy Meal and my Filet of Fish, she asked me who Prometheus was.  Catching me in a moment of Greek mythology weakness, I had to do a quick Google search to determine that he was a son of Titans, friend of Zeus, and stealer of fire.  In another conversation we discussed how you can run until tomorrow but you can’t run to tomorrow.  When I tried to explain why she said, “I know, Paw Paw, its because of the time space continuum.”  Chloe is only ten years old.  How am I going to keep up in the conversations when she is 20 years old and I am in my mid 70’s?  In another conversation she told my wife that for Christmas she wants an iPhone, iPad, and a laptop.  She also said to tell Santa (me?) that it would be nice if we had a Wii at our house so she could play it when she visits.  She’s already taken over my personal computer.  I love my granddaughter.  She brings me a lot of joy and I cannot imagine life without her.  Although a part of me wants her to stay exactly the way she is now, I also love watching her grow up and develop into the person she is.  I love being her grandfather and having the relationship we have.  I held her within an hour of her birth and my wife and I starting keeping her for weekends since she was three weeks old.  Let me tell you that keeping a three week old baby overnight when you are in your mid-fifties is quite the eye opening experience.  Yes, we had raised two children of our own but we were totally out of practice by the time Chloe arrived.  She will be back again this weekend so I better brush up on my Greek mythology and time travel.  May we will discuss Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity.  She already thinks my hair looks like Albert Einstein’s when I wake up in the mornings.  

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