Tuesday, August 02, 2016

Who Is Your True Self?

Who is your true self and what should this true self be doing?
One of our life long quests is to find out who we really are.  What is our true essence?  As the Buddhists would say, “What face did we have before our parents were born”?  When all the masks and pretenses are stripped away, who are we?  If we actually discover who we are, what should we be doing?  What is our life’s purpose?  Is my purpose to come to Humana five days a week, write a daily thought, and manage people and inventory?  Is my purpose to be a grandfather to a 12 year old girl?  Is my real purpose as yet undiscovered?  I must admit that I am not completely clear on this.  I have not yet had a moment where I thought, “This is why I was born”.  Like many people I often feel lost.  Sometimes I feel like I am just wandering through life without a sense of direction.  When I began a blog, an apt title seemed to be Stumbling along the Spiritual Path.  Even at this late stage of my life I am not sure how one finds their true self or their purpose.  Do you just stumble through life and suddenly, without warning, it is there in front of you?  I am envious of people who always seem to know where they are going.  I’ve always felt like I am moving in ten different directions without really going anywhere.  There’s a book called Wherever You Go, There You Are by Jon Kabat-Zinn.  My book should be called Wherever I Am, I Am Lost.  What face did I have before my parents were born?  I am not sure what face I have now.  If you sometimes feel like this too, you are not alone.     

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