Friday, December 07, 2007

The Office Christmas Party

Many of you know that my youngest son, Nick, is studying to be a priest. Yes, I am a proud papa. Yesterday there was a front page profile of him in the local Catholic newspaper called The Record. Here is a link if you would like to read the article.

Henry David Thoreau says we should be suspicious of any enterprise that requires new clothes. Tonight I have to attend my wife's office Christmas party. She bought me a new pair of pants for the occasion. The invitation said the dress code was "cocktail attire". Like with most dress codes I have no idea what that means. Is that black tie? Are you kidding me? Does anyone think I am going to spend $150 renting a tux so I can stand around for a couple of hours and drink with total strangers? I actually own one suit but I bought it 50 pounds ago and it doesn't fit me plus it's eight years old. I bought it the year my parents and in laws both celebrated their 50th wedding anniversaries in 1999. I can't die anytime soon because I have nothing to wear. It's been so long since I wore a tie that I can barely remember how to tie a Windsor knot. I wonder if I still have my clip on tie? Most clothes don't really feel right to me until they're about 10-15 years old. One of my favorite sweaters would require carbon dating to determine its actual age. I was recently watching Jerry Seinfeld on the Jay Leno show. He was making jokes about the fashion statements of the average Dad. He said that most Dad's wardrobes reflected what they considered the best year of their life. If that is true, then 1969 must have been a great year for me. Whatever I end up wearing, I must be on my best behavior. Someone has already told my wife that "I'm anxious to meet your husband. The way you describe him, he sounds like an intelligent person". Why does she tell people I am intelligent but at home I am always wrong and I never get to make a decision?

I will need a good night's sleep tonight. Sometime on Saturday I will be visited by an elfin princess who is spending the night. At some point she will help Granny bake cookies and make party mix. I am not aware that we're having a party but what difference does that make? The real challenge of the weekend is to keep Chloe away from all the bags and presents that are stashed around the house waiting to be wrapped. Her little hands will be tugging on my arm every time I sit down. "Come on, Pa Paw, let's go in the kitchen so we can make your coffee. Come on, Pa Paw, let's go in your room and play the drum. Come on, Pa Paw, let's look at pictures on the computer. Come on, Pa Paw, let's play the piano. Come on, Pa Paw, let's look at the tree. Come on, Pa Paw, let me get on your shoulders". There will be no rest for Pa Paw this weekend. I wouldn't have it any other way. Have a peaceful weekend!

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