Sunday, December 30, 2007

A Short Break In My Vacation

My extended Christmas weekend has come to an end. I am back at work for a couple of days before my extended New Year's weekend. I hope all of you had a blessed and merry Christmas. As it has always been, Christmas was a good time for me. On Christmas Eve I visited my father. For the time being he is in a nursing home where he is receiving some physical therapy to strengthen him and help him regain his mobility. When I visited him, his mind was much clearer and he seemed more aware than usual. He did not make it home for Christmas but we do expect him home at some point. The evening of Christmas Eve was as busy and hectic as ever with family visits and gift exchanges. I was reminded how blessed I am that we have gifts to exchange as well as families on both sides that get along and actually like one another. As with all families, there are many different personalities and life styles. In spite of that we enjoy one another and accept one another. It is a blessing to not have the kind of family drama that often separates families.In my life Christmas Day is much slower and calmer than Christmas Eve. Now that my wife and I have been elevated to grandparenthood, we get to stay home and our family comes to visit us. It's not exactly the over the hills and through the woods experience but it is a new tradition that I hope lasts many years. My Christmas morning is spent preparing a brunch for everyone. After a nice meal, we gather in my living room to exchange gifts. It was all a grand success and everyone was happy, especially Chloe. She was really into it this year. One of my gifts was a world's greatest Pa Paw sweatshirt. Along with that I received my annual supply of books, a few clothes, and an assortment of music related items. These items will get me through the cold winter months ahead. I also received a new wallet but I now have no money to put in it.I love Christmas and the holiday season but I am glad it's almost over. I admit it is a bittersweet feeling. I like the excitement and good vibes in the air during the holidays but I also dislike the hectic pace and stressful demands. I look forward to a return to my day to day, usually quiet, regular routine. The nothingness of January can also be a holiday of sorts. Before then, however, I must survive New Year's Eve when I will be partying with my granddaughter, Chloe.

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