Friday, February 27, 2009

Some Final Pictures From France

Recently I have been reading some of my own stuff that I wrote in the past. Someday I hope to publish a collection of my best writing. I even thought that I would title it "Stumbling along the Spiritual Path...the Everyday Thoughts of a Tie Dyed Mystic". At some point in my reading I came upon my journal from a trip to France in 2005. It was a wonderful experience and I remember it with fondness. A few weeks ago I posted a few pictures from the trip and now I would like to share a few more. One is me giving a talk at the conference I attended. I would never have dreamed that in my life I would be in France giving a talk in which people from all over the world would be my audience. Admittedly, all these people did not travel to France to hear me talk. I was one of many speakers and most people did not know who I was until I introduced myself. One is a picture of the Abbot General of the Cistercian Order, Dom Bernardo, my traveling companion, Mike Johnson, and me. Another is two American friends from Iowa and me. The last picture is simply the beautiful French countryside in early summer. On this dreary day 2009, I find it quite uplifting and I look forward to my own Kentucky countryside looking the same.


Anonymous said...

Hello Zen Master... Young zen student who reads this at work every day!! Good to hear you are still kickin and diging the scene. I'm still in school and thankfully still employeed considering the market now a days!!
August West.

Michael Brown said...

I know who you are, young August West! We should get together soon.

Littlefair said...

Could you say whereabouts in France you went?

Looks a smashing atmosphere. Or should I say 'ambience'?


Michael Brown said...
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Michael Brown said...

They were taken in the small town of Clairvaux. If you know your history, this is the land of St. Bernard. Bernard's original abbey is non a prison that was created by Napoleon. It's about two hours or so southeast (?) of Paris.