Sunday, February 08, 2009

Today Was A Beautiful Day!

Today was a beautiful day. Of course, any day that starts with Chloe tapping me on the shoulder to wake me up has the potential for greatness. She woke me up at a decent hour and we went downstairs for breakfast and my second viewing of Madagascar: Return 2 Africa. Children's movies have come a long way. They're as enjoyable for adults as they are for children. Later in the morning it was time for The Chloe Chronicle: Return 2 Her Parents. The sun was shining bright and all the ice and snow were gone. It was a great day to be out driving around. After dropping Chloe off to rejoin her parents, I took advantage of a short line to give the car a much needed bath. I had almost forgotten what color my car was. I must admit that I love a clean car.

Later in the afternoon, after I returned from Chloe's house, I fell asleep in my chair as a warm breeze blew in my window. It's hard to believe that little over a week ago we had one of the worst ice storms in my memory compounded by single digit temperatures. Local folklore is true. If you don't like Kentucky weather, just hang around a few days. You can sometimes experience all four seasons within a single week.

Now it is one more Sunday night and one more time to take out the trash. Tomorrow is another Monday and the beginning of another work week. Just shoot me now...

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