Thursday, April 22, 2010

Awesome Things Volume XIV

A clean car. Last Sunday afternoon I finally got my car washed for the first time since the end of winter. Why does a clean car run better than a dirty one? Is it just me or is there a shortage of full service car washes?

Getting rid of stuff. I am in the process of emptying my kitchen prior to some remodeling. I either threw out or gave to the Goodwill most of the stuff I found in my cabinets. It always feels good to lighten one's load.

A clean car that is warm. Every Monday morning I fill up my gas tank for the coming week. This past Monday was no different. It was a little cool and breezy while I was standing outside my car waiting for the tank to fill. When I was finished it felt very good to get back in my warm car.

Our five senses. Sometimes we need to stop and really appreciate our sight, our hearing, and our ability to taste, feel, and smell. I can't imagine a world where I couldn't see my granddaughter's smile, hear my favorite music, taste my favorite food, feel a cool breeze on a warm day, or smell the fragrant aroma of honeysuckle bushes. The world really is full of sensory delights.

Waking up in the night and realizing that you still have three hours of sleep left before your alarm clock goes off. This happens to me all the time and when I realize it I find myself quietly thinking, "Thank you, God"!

Wednesdays! Fridays always seemed to rate number one but there's a lot to be said for Wednesday. It's "Hump Day" and a major milestone in the work week. Once you get past Wednesday it's all downhill. Although I try very hard to practice mindfulness and being in the moment, I still find it motivating to always have a goal or something to look forward to. I try to enjoy everyday but I always look forward to a weekend, a scheduled day off, an upcoming concert, or maybe a quiet weekend at the monastery. I look forward to this coming weekend because I have very little to do. The last two weekends have been very busy and I came back to work on Monday very tired. This weekend is not quite here so for now I celebrate that it's Wednesday. Tomorrow is Friday Eve.

Derby time in Louisville. This rite of spring is like Christmas time. Even if you don't attend any of the events surrounding the Derby, there's something in the air. Last weekend was Thunder over Louisville, this weekend is the Great Balloon Race if we're lucky and the weather forecast for rain is wrong. It's awesome to look up in the morning sky during the race to see dozens of multicolored balloons floating around the clouds. Next weekend is the actual Derby and for one day Louisville is the center of the universe.

Laughter. Anytime I am in the midst of laughter I know life is good. It can be the laughter of my granddaughter, a friend at lunch, co-worker's taking a break from work, or my wife when I make her laugh so hard she wets her pants. Laughter is a wonderful thing and it's value should be appreciated. You can never laugh too much.

My granddaughter is always awesome. Here's a conversation she had with my wife recently.

My Wife: Chloe, do you like to eat strawberries?
Chloe: Yes
My Wife: Do you like to eat watermelons?
Chloe: Yes
My Wife: Do you like to eat raspberries?
Chloe: Yes
My Wife: Do you like to eat blackberries?
Chloe: Meemo! Blackberries are telephones!

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