Friday, April 09, 2010

Finding Lincoln

Most Fridays I go out to lunch with my friend, Wendy. Going out to lunch on Fridays is always an early start to the weekend. Even though there is a big difference in our ages we are very much alike and when we started working together about five or six years ago we quickly and easily connected. That sense of connection is always a good sign of a potentially great friendship. Sometime in the past year, on a somewhat hot day, we went on a long and eventually fruitless walk to find a Abraham Lincoln memorial in a park near our office that runs along the Ohio River. Apparently we zigged when we should have zagged and we ended up far from our desired destination in a somewhat desolate area that could have been a prime location for a good murder in one of those cheap mystery novels. We made it out alive and back to the office but never found Lincoln until today. Today was an absolutely gorgeous day. The sun was shining bright and the sky was deep blue and full of clouds. After last week's summer like temperatures, today seemed cool but in fact it was a normal spring day for early April. We decided to go to lunch an at old restaurant where neither of us had been in a while. It was a seafood restaurant with a great view of the river. Most of the other people there were rather old, even older than me, and looked like they had been eating there every Friday for the last 50 years. On the way there we noticed a sign for the Abraham Lincoln Memorial so we thought we would check it out on the way back to our office. It directed us exactly where we wanted to go. It was a very nice spot with some granite walls that held sculptured three dimensional depictions of events in Lincoln's life and there in the middle of the memorial was bronze sculpture of a young Abe Lincoln crafted by local artist Ed Hamilton. The memorial itself is more of a park and a wonderful place to sit and think, or simply sit while enjoying the beauty of nature around you. I later told Wendy what a delightful time I had during lunch and she summed it up rather well when she said, "Today was like an adventure". I agreed. Adventure is possible doing the simplest things even in the middle of the workday.

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