Thursday, April 29, 2010

Awesome Things Volume XV

One of my favorite restaurants will soon be in my neighborhood! Recently a gasoline station near my home was demolished and some new construction began. I assumed it would be another bank even though no one has any money. Last Monday, however, I saw a sign telling me the new construction is a Frisch's restaurant. I have been eating at Frisch's since I was in high school and you know how long ago that was. I'm kind of in the mood for a Big Boy hamburger and some French fries right now!

My granddaughter calling me on the telephone last night. It's just a matter of time before she emails me or sends me a text message. Anyway, she called me last night to tell me about the three caterpillars she caught in her backyard. One is fat and two are skinny. The fat one was "full of rain". I told her I would like to see them so she said, "Why don't you come over right now"?

A rainy afternoon and a good book. Most of last weekend was busy but I managed to have a quiet afternoon on Sunday. Outside my window was a gentle rain. Inside, as the washing machine swished and the dryer tumbled, I sat in my chair with a good book that was recommended by a friend. It was perfect and everything a Sunday afternoon was made for. If the dryer buzzer didn't go off on a regular basis, it would have been the perfect scenario for a nap.

Sunshine. OK, I get that we need rain and I've even enjoyed it a little. However, it's Derby week. I'm ready for a little sunshine so all the people who like to participate in all the Kentucky Derby events can enjoy themselves without needing an umbrella. Admittedly a rainy day is a perfect time to be home with a good book. The problem is that I am not an home with a good book. I'm at work with an inventory report. I like to take walks outside and I would prefer to do it under blue skies and bright sunlight. Rain, rain, go away, please come back another day!

Everything! One thing I have learned in life is that it's the little things that make me happiest and that give me the most contentment. Here's a few things that come to mind. I'm sure you have your own list.

A good night's sleep, a full moon, a great cup of coffee, laughter, your favorite song on the radio, a letter or email from an old friend you haven't heard from in a while, anytime anything goes my way, lunch with a friend, anything my granddaughter does, especially when she hugs me, a quiet day at work, a peaceful neighborhood, family, great co-worker's, finding a desired CD that you thought was no longer available....I could go on and on and on. Happiness begins with gratefulness. What are you grateful for?

Self Knowledge. People sometimes talk about "finding themselves". It actually happens. When I was in my mid 40's I had a sudden realization of who I was, why I acted the way I did, why I felt the way I do, and why I thought the way I do about many things. It took a lot of what some call "inner work" to come to this realization. Things like the Myer's Briggs, Enneagram, and StrengthFinder's also helped a lot. My moment of realization was an "aha" moment for me. I would love to tell you that such self knowledge makes all your problems and issues go away but it doesn't. What it does give you is knowledge and some skill to deal with your own dysfunctions and inadequacies as well a recognizing your gifts as a person.

Friendship. Today I had lunch in the park with my best friend at work. It was a simple meal that we purchased from a hot dog vendor outside our building. Sitting in the bright sunlight, on a beautiful day, it seemed like a great feast. Neither of us was in the mood for work but laughter and fresh air revived us and we both felt better when we returned to the office. There's a reason our employee satisfaction survey asks whether or not you have a best friend at work. Let's be honest. Most of us would not be here if we didn't need to be. However, the challenges and frustrations of the work day can be greatly alleviated by having a good friend at work. I can't go out to lunch everyday but I usually do it at least once a week. It is good for the soul and is one of life's simple joys.


Anonymous said...

It's always joy to read your blog and I don't visit enough. I especially liked hearing about the caterpillars ... and smiled lots.

I'm going away feeling better. Thank you.

Cosmic Hobo said...

Absolutely beautiful, Mike.