Monday, October 24, 2011

The Circle Of Life

It was a busy weekend. It began once again with my granddaughter jumping in my bed at 7:30 AM on Saturday morning. Her Dad works every other Saturday so she spends the day with my wife and me. The question of the day was, “Paw Paw, can you stick your hand threw a rainbow”? After I explained rainbows as best I could her follow up question was, “How does a rainbow hold a pot of gold”? I love her questions even when I cannot answer them. When Granny finally got out of bed we went out to breakfast and then went to see “A Dolphin’s Tale” at the cinema. It’s very good movie that children and adults can enjoy. Saturday night I attended the 60th birthday party of the Class of 1969. If you are a young person, fast forward your life 40 years or so and imagine how you and all your friends will look after life has beat you up a little. The amazing thing is that despite the older looking bodies the personalities don’t change much at all. The party was over by 10:00 PM because we’re all old and most don’t even go out after dark anymore. My best friend from high school came over to my house afterwards and we talked until 1:00 AM. While I was at the wild and crazy gathering of future Medicare recipients, my wife and son took Chloe to the zoo for a Halloween party. Needless to say I spent most of Sunday in my chair falling in and out of consciousness. Spending most of my day with my granddaughter, and most of my night with aging classmates from high school, reminded me once again about the journey of life. We start off young, full of questions and wonder, at some point we think we have all the answers, and finally we realize that we don't have any answers at all and it really doesn't matter. When we start getting old we start becoming more childlike again. We lose most of the certitude we thought we had acquired and once again we become full of questions and wonder. It's the circle of life.

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