Monday, October 17, 2011

Visiting The Pumpkin Fields

This past Saturday was a spectacular picture perfect autumn day. My family and I went to a local farm that is famous for it's pumpkin fields and winery. It's an annual tradition for many families to go to the farm, ride on a farm wagon out to the fields, wander among the pumpkins, and select the perfect one for their Halloween Jack O' Lantern. Of course, I love this time of year when pumpkins are enjoyed in many forms. Friday night I had a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks, Saturday I wandered around the pumpkin fields with my family, and Sunday morning I ate pumpkin bread with my morning coffee. My granddaughter gets so excited when we go to get our annual pumpkin and I get excited every time I get to be with her. Let me be honest for a moment. Although I am only sixty years old, I sometimes feel old and tired, and occasionally I feel like a grumpy old man. The fast acting cure for all of this is my granddaughter’s smile. My wife and I met the rest of the family at the farm and winery. I was standing around waiting for everyone when I saw my granddaughter in the distance. As soon as she saw me she started waving with excitement and began running towards me. Running towards me and jumping in my arms is something she’s been doing as long as she has been able to run. Now that she is bigger, she almost knocks me down sometimes. It’s impossible not to feel loved when she’s around. Grandchildren are one of life's great gifts and joys.

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