Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Forgetting What We Know

Did you notice the harvest moon in the sky this morning? It was quite beautiful and it guided me all the way to the office. As I was walking from my parking garage I had to walk past a number of semi-trucks that were loaded with all of Taylor Swift’s stage and sound equipment. My office is next down to the KFC Yum Center where she is playing tonight. I thought about all the people who are thrilled today because they are attending her concert tonight. I know how excited I get whenever I am going to see one of my favorite musical artists. Another thought I had on the way to work today is the idea that by the time you are my age you basically know everything you need to know about life. The problem is that you keep forgetting it. The journey of life is a constant re-awakening to the awareness of this knowledge. This is partially why I am so attracted to Buddha. The very name, Buddha, means “awakened one”. Most people, including me, are constantly falling asleep and forgetting what they know. I do not mean falling asleep physically. I mean falling asleep spiritually. So many of us go through life in a daze that is a kind of sleepwalking. I am always trying to wake up. In my rare moments of wakefulness I have clarity and understanding about life. I remember what I need to know. I am far from being a fully awake Buddha. Most of the time I feel like a man who is sitting on the side of his bed rubbing his eyes and trying to find the energy to stand up and walk to the bathroom where I can splash some cold water in my face.

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