Friday, October 28, 2011

Reminding Myself To Be Grateful

Yesterday was one of those days where I would have loved to just stay home. I was tired and in the early stages of catching a cold. This afternoon I spent two hours in a dentist's while he drilled my teeth and fixed a cavity. Even as I write these notes the left side of my face is completely numb. I have a full weekend ahead of me so there will be no rest for the wicked. It has not been a good time to listen to the blues on my iPod. Whenever I have days where I feel like this I must remind myself that I am not my feelings. By the end of the work week it’s normal to feel tired. Maybe a cold is God’s way of telling me to take a break. Whenever I have the blahs I try to remind myself to be grateful. Gratefulness cures many ills. I know that no matter how I might feel I have a great life. This is true for most of us do and we need to remind ourselves of this periodically. Life is hard. Some days are very challenging. The reality, however, is that most days are generally good. Most of the things we worry about and are afraid of never happen. I read somewhere that our brains are hard wired to be negative unless we intentionally think positive thoughts. Today I am going to try to be upbeat and positive despite the fact that I would like to go home and sleep on my couch for the rest of the day. I will listen to upbeat music. I will laugh with my co-workers and I will be grateful for my life.

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