Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Being Centered

I schedule my morning so that I have approximately 20 minutes to just sit before I leave for work. I spend about 10 minutes reading followed by 10 minutes of thinking or meditating. While I am thinking or meditating I drink my first cup of coffee for the day. This 20 minutes is often the best part of my day. A close second is when I finally get home, return to my chair, and I breathe after all the day's activity. The benefit of this early morning sitting is that it centers me so I can deal with the demands of the day. The activities of an average day often pull me from my center. From time to time throughout the day I must regain my focus and return to my center. This is how I maintain the calm and patience people think I have. When I am frazzled and impatient it is generally because I lost my focus and centeredness. We all have to do what we need to do to maintain our individual centeredness. As an off the chart introvert, I prefer life on the inside rather than the outside. The demands of most days that pull me out of myself are exhausting to me. If I do not start my day with calm and being, it is difficult for me to deal with all the “doing” that life requires. Each of you must also find your own path to the balance and centeredness that you require for your own well-being.


Aspiring To Be...Me said...

Have you ever gotten so caught up with life, that it was hard for you regain centeredness every morning?

I try to sit for 15 minutes and do a round of mala every morning to keep me focus, but as soon as things or "life" starts to pickup it gets harder for me.

Michael Brown said...

The short answer is yes. I tell people I practice mindfulness because I still struggle doing it. In our complicated, multi-tasking world it is very difficult to be where you are and do what you are doing.