Wednesday, January 04, 2012

The Death Of My Cell Phone

About a week or so ago there was an unexpected death in my family. I woke up one morning to realize that my cell phone had passed away sometime in the night. There was a brief moment of sadness followed by a minor panic attack as I pondered to myself on one of life’s great challenges. How could I possibly leave my home and venture out on the open road without the security of my cell phone? In my anxiety I failed to remember that I have lived most of my life without a cell phone. For over a week now I have once again survived without it. I was never one to be obsessed with my phone. No one ever calls me and I rarely call anyone else. I don’t even like to talk on telephones. I know other people, however, who seem to have a need to stay in 24 hour contact with every single person in their life. Admittedly, I hope I have a cell phone with me when I really need it. That being said, I have felt a sense of freedom by not having one. No one is bothering me. I am not checking my pocket throughout the day to see if I have my phone and I am not worrying about missing one of those once a month calls. Although I initially experienced some anxiety when it died, it’s death has also freed me from some anxiety. I’m probably going to have to wait a few more weeks to get a new phone. The death of a cell phone or other appliance at the height of the Christmas season is not exactly what you would call good timing. Until the timing is better to purchase a new phone I will enjoy not having one.

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