Monday, January 23, 2012

A Weekend With Chloe

I took this past Friday off from work to get new brakes on my car. It was going to take most of the day so I caught a ride back home after I dropped the car off at the dealer. It’s a wonderful thing to be home alone on a workday. The neighborhood is quiet, I can do anything I want, there is no one to disturb me, and there’s opportunity for world class naps. I am very comfortable spending time with myself. The rest of the weekend was a different matter. Most of the weekend was spent with my granddaughter. Other than myself, she’s the person I most enjoy being with. My wife and I picked her up on Saturday, took her out to lunch, and then headed to what she calls the “joke store”. It’s really Caufield’s Novelty Shop on Main Street. Later in the evening we met her Dad for dinner where he pulled one of his sleight of hand tricks on me. We were supposed to give my granddaughter back to him but somehow she ended up coming back home with my wife and I. We didn’t mind and neither did she. We watched “Mr. Popper’s Penguin’s” and slept in late on Sunday. I see my granddaughter often and when we are together she usually wears me out. As a sixty year old my energy level pales next to hers. However, no matter how much I see her, or how much time I spend with her, I am always a little sad when she leaves. She adds much life to a house where most of the time there’s only two old people who take a lot of naps.

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