Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Ringing In The New Year

Even though I like cold weather and winter landscapes, when the temperature falls into the teens and we have single digit wind chills, it’s too cold even for me. I am not too concerned about today. This being Kentucky, we will be having spring like weather by the end of the work week. I am running a little late this morning. As soon as I got on the Interstate this morning I was quickly trapped in bumper to bumper traffic. A traffic accident delayed my arrival this morning by thirty minutes. I had no idea of the seriousness of the accident so I did the only thing I knew how to do. I prayed for all concerned and I hoped there were no deaths or serious injuries. When I finally got near the accident it appeared to be no more than a fender bender. I hope that’s all it was. My New Year’s Eve was quiet. My granddaughter spent the night as she has every New Year’s Eve of her life. We watched “Herbie Goes Bananas” and “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids”. During the second movie Chloe fell asleep in my lap. When she woke up we baked the “pigs in a blanket” and sausage pinwheels that she and my wife made earlier in the day. We all struggled to stay awake till midnight but we made it. When the ball dropped in Times Square we all blew our noisemakers and then headed for bed. Chloe slept till 11:00 AM the next day. Now we are all back to “normal” and resuming our everyday lives. There’s a certain kind of joy in that, too.

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