Wednesday, April 25, 2012


The final element, or habit, of mindfulness is acceptance. In this scenario, acceptance is defined as “completely accepting the thoughts, feelings, sensations, and beliefs that you have and understanding that they are simply those things only”. Today we finish my thoughts on mindfulness. When it’s all said and done, a lot of mindfulness is nothing more than accepting reality as it is without judging it. It is also approaching reality with patience and with a child-like “Beginner’s Mind” while trusting in our personal abilities to deal with the moment. It is allowing life to unfold as it will by non-striving and, finally, what is often the most difficult part, accepting it. Whatever our individual moments add up to be, for most of us they are not the moments we probably dreamed of in our youth. I’ve always felt like most of my life has been an accident. The life I have is not really the life I wanted. It is, however, the life I have. Just because the life I have is not the realization of my early dreams does not mean it’s all bad. In fact, I strive to not see anything as good or bad . My life is what it is and many twists and turns have brought me to this point. I can bemoan the fact that it’s not everything I hoped for or I can accept it and strive to better understand why I am where I am and what I am supposed to do with what I have been given. Such acceptance does not come easy and I am not totally there. However, even my feelings must be accepted as “they are what they are”.

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