Friday, April 13, 2012

Negative Emotions

A couple of things happened yesterday that made me angry. It seemed a little ironic to be angry the day after delivering a series of talks at work on well-being. The events that generated my anger were insignificant but they nevertheless got me fired up. Anger, and it’s evil cousin, frustration, are two emotions that I do not like to feel. However, they are emotions that I feel more than I care to admit. I believe I make a serious effort to be calm and centered so I am always unhappy when I feel negative emotions. At the same time, one of the unhealthy things I do is repress negative emotions. Most of the time when I feel such emotions they rarely show themselves on the surface. When I feel myself getting angry I usually try to take a walk or find some solitude where I can attempt to reason with myself and calm myself down. On the rare occasion that I display my angry inner self, people are usually surprised because it’s a side of me that most people never see. The reality is that all of us sometimes struggle with our dark side. I am usually a quiet person who appears calm on the surface. However, I am also a passionate person who can feel and display strong emotions. It’s a side of me that I am not always comfortable with but it’s part of who I am.

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