Monday, July 30, 2012

Chloe's Baptism

Yesterday my wife and I drove to Elizabethtown for Chloe’s Baptism. The event was extra special because she was baptized by my son. The Baptism took place at St. James Parish where Nick is assigned for the summer. In a few weeks he will return to the seminary for his last year of school before being ordained a priest in the spring of 2013. Last April when Nick was ordained a Deacon, Chloe was very disappointed that she couldn’t go to communion. In the Catholic Church, as with most churches, you can’t doing anything unless you’re baptized. I took it upon myself to start pulling the strings to make yesterday’s Baptism take place. Although she wants to go to communion, Chloe was not thrilled with the idea of being baptized. She was resistant up until the last minute. I believe she thought we were going to take her down to the river and perform a total submersion. She probably saw that in a movie somewhere. My biggest fear was that we would get in the church and she would throw a tantrum. The good news is that it all went smoothly. Chloe was well behaving, my son the Deacon, was very professional, and Chloe is now baptized. Her Baptism was my son’s first official Baptism.

Pictured above are my two sons, Chloe, and me.

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