Monday, July 09, 2012

Mid Summer Mini Vacation

My mid-summer, mini-vacation seems like a blur to me now. It was restful but also busy. July 4th was a quiet day. In the evening my family celebrated Chloe’s 8th birthday. She received several gifts related to Michael Jackson. My family blamed me for her total obsession with all things Michael since I am the one who introduced her to Michael's "Beat It", "Billie Jean", and "Thriller" videos.  Thursday was a another quiet day at home where I spent most of the day reading a book on the history of the blues while blues music played in the background.  Much of Friday morning was spent at the eye doctor where my eyes were dilated and I was told I have cataracts. I was also told my droopy eyelids will start to impair my vision.  I thought I was going to completely burn my eyes out when I walked out of the office into the bright midday sun. When I finally got home I stayed in a dark room the rest of the afternoon. I used my multi-tasking skills to make good use of this time by also taking a nap. Saturday was spent in Bardstown attending the seminarian picnic with the Archbishop. I cornered him a couple of time which I’m sure made my newly ordained Deacon son nervous. Yesterday I went to the monastery for another picnic. Thankfully it was indoors and we didn’t have to suffer in the heat. I sat next to Brother Frederic who is pushing 90 years old. His mind is sharper than mine. I spent much of the afternoon making him laugh. It was difficult to get back in the work mode today but I need some structure in my life.  By the end of the day I was back in my normal workday rhythm.

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