Thursday, July 11, 2013


At my friend’s funeral last week he was described as a man of great contradictions.  Anyone who knew Dennis would certainly agree.  However, if the truth be told, I think this could be said of most of us.  Last night I watched a music documentary called “It Might Get Loud”.  It was basically a conversation between three famous guitar players about their roots and their love of music.  Once a friend said to me, “Michael, when I think of you I think of two things.  I think of music and spirituality”.  Last night’s documentary film certainly was a reminder of my deep love and possible obsession with music.  I often think I could spend my entire day listening to music while I am reading books about it.  At the same time, I am a man who has spent the better part of my life on a spiritual journey.  At times this all seems in conflict.  When I had to create a user name for my personal email, I chose tiedyedmystic.  This was based on my hippie free spirit attitude as well as my spiritual desires for union with God.  I am a rock and roller who loves silence.  I am a long time married family man who is a Trappist/Buddhist monk in my heart.  I am a people person who finds people exhausting.  I am a person who rarely shows emotion but often feels overwhelmed by my emotions.  I am a person who wants to serve and help but I also want to be left alone.  These are just a few of my contradictions.  Hopefully, like with my friend, Dennis, these contradictions somehow balance themselves and the person that is me is a good person and decent person.     

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