Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Open Your Eyes!

When I left home this morning there was a magnificent sunrise.  It was truly breathtaking.  It has been a while since I noticed such beauty.  Even though I regularly encourage others to practice mindfulness and to be in the moment, I don’t always do it myself.  Sometimes I get so caught up in the routines and demands of life that I forget to pay attention and notice things.  Today’s sunrise reminded me that despite whatever struggles one might be experiencing, life goes on and there is beauty all around us.  It was a wakeup call for me to not let the demands of the moments overshadow the wonder of the eternal now.  The world is full of beautiful art, most of which I cannot afford.  Today’s sunrise was a work of art that was totally free and given to everyone to enjoy.  I wonder how many of you did?  It is so easy to go through life asleep or with your eyes closed.  We all need to wake up and pay attention.  Life is continually giving us gifts but too often we don’t notice them.  Today I encourage you to wake up and be alive.  Open your eyes!  Notice the goodness and beauty around you.  Whenever possible, stop what you are doing and drink it all in.  Don’t be overwhelmed with the demands of your life or its busyness.  Once in a while just stop, breathe, and enjoy it.  Today’s sunrise was a gift I would not have received if I hadn’t left my home at the time I did.  Sometimes being in the moment is all about timing and the time is now.

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