Monday, April 13, 2015


Yesterday’s daily thought for my personality type said “your type has patience which is supported by a quiet strength and tremendous endurance.  You are able to hang in there through hardships and difficult experiences”.
I have found the idea of patience to be somewhat ironic in my life.  Some people think I am the most patience man they ever knew.  It is true that my feathers are seldom ruffled.  Occasionally I have a meltdown but it very rare.  I seem to be more patient and tolerant the older I get.  I am not sure if it is healthy or dysfunctional but my lifelong coping strategy has always been to wait out whatever is annoying me.  I guess this is how I “hang in there” through hardships and difficult experiences.  My wife calls this being stubborn and hard headed.  On the other end of the spectrum I have very little patience with ignorant people and any kind of BS.  Who has the time to argue with fools or listen to a bunch of baloney?  My patience is limited so I prefer to use it with people who need it.  My time is also valuable so why waste it on BS?  I seek the truth and I strive to always speak the truth.  As I once read, “always tell the truth and you won’t have to remember all your lies”.   In addition to truthfulness, we should strive to be patient, especially with other people, because sooner or later we will need to be on the receiving end of such patience.        

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