Saturday, April 11, 2015

Total Consciousness

A few nights ago I had dinner with my granddaughter.  However, these thoughts will not be a review of the poor service I received at Bob Evans restaurant.  They are about a conversation I had with my granddaughter.  At some point she said, “Paw Paw, I find it interesting that the older I get the more I feel like a person.”.  I thought this was a deep statement coming from a ten year old.  I guess even granddaughters don't fall too far from the tree.  She went on to say that babies don’t know they are persons or that they exist.  My first response to her was that I always thought she was a person from the moment she was born and at this stage of my life I cannot remember life before she existed.  I went on to explain in my best grandfatherly way that all of this was about self-awareness and consciousness.  Chloe is now very conscious that she exists as an independent and autonomous human being.  This was a wonderful conversation as we ate our dinner of scrambled eggs, biscuits, and gravy.  I love watching my granddaughter grow up.  She’s a wonderful young girl who has greatly enhanced my life and given me a lot of joy.  She also keeps me on my toes with her evolving consciousness, self-awareness, and intellectual curiosity.      

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