Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Putting Work In Perspective

When I walk around my office what I see much of the time are people just trying to get through the day.  Perhaps my vision is flawed but I think not.  This does not mean that people don’t care about what they do or that they are not trying to do the best they can.  I think it means that most people cannot come to work every day and act like they are playing in the Super Bowl.  Work cannot demand 90% of our daily energy.  If you go home every day brain dead and exhausted, something is out of whack.  You should be tired after a day of work but not in need of life support.  I come to work every day wanting to do a good job and trying to make a difference.  This doesn’t mean I am always driven and highly motivated.  Some days I don’t feel good, other days I lack motivation, and occasionally, to quote my wife, “I’m tired and I’m tired of it”.  Certainly there are some individuals who strive to inject positivity, motivation, and engagement into the workday and these people should be commended.  Work is an important and necessary part of life.  Sometimes, however, I think we try to  make work more important than it is.  Many people, including me, work to live rather than live to work.  Work is only one slice of the pie of life.  In my life, and I believe in the lives of many, leisure, rest, and activities that promote our intellectual and emotional growth are equally important.  At its best work is part of the creative process of life.  At its worst it is a daily grind full of drudgery, meaningless routine, mind games, and office politics.  I believe most of the people I see every day struggling to get through the day are actually hardworking, loving, and caring people who are doing the best they can.  They should be commended.   

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