Thursday, July 23, 2015

My Antidote For A Bad Day

This past Monday was a challenging day for all kinds of reasons.  By the time I got home I was tired, frustrated, and brain dead.  Soon I feel into a very deep sleep.  I was dead to the world until I heard someone yell “Paw Paw”.  I opened my eyes and my granddaughter’s face was about one inch from mine.  It was an unannounced visit and it was the highlight of my day.  It reminded me about what is really important in life.  I quickly forgot the struggles of the day and I simply enjoyed her smile and contagious energy.  Recently I asked her if I was a normal Paw Paw.  She replied that I wasn’t.  When I asked her why, she said, “You have way too much energy for a regular Paw Paw”.  I can assure you that no one else has ever told me that.  She bases it on the fact that I often dance when she is around.  Trust me I am not a great dancer and I would never do it in front of anyone but her.  However, she has asked me to stop doing it because she is afraid my burst of energy will kill me and she doesn’t want me to die.  My granddaughter is growing up very quickly and sometimes I miss the little girl that she used to be.  However, I know she still loves me dearly as I love her and she will always be the antidote for any bad day that I have.      

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