Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Everyone Struggles

Occasionally I write daily thoughts that are very honest about how I am feeling and these feelings are not always uplifting.  Usually they are about my own struggles as a human being.  In general I strive to write positive and uplifting thoughts to inspire others.  More often than not, the positive and uplifting thoughts do not generate any feedback from my readers.  It is usually when I am most honest and real that someone will write back to me and tell me that they felt I was writing specifically for them.  It seems that I am most likely to hit a nerve with other people when I am most honest and open about my own struggles.  I actually find this uplifting.  When most of us are down or struggling with life we feel alone.  We think no one else has these feelings.  The reality is that most people struggle with one or many aspects of life.  Life is tough.  The daily grind of work, family obligations, and personal chores makes us all weary at times.  I should realize this more than I sometimes do.  I have spent most of my adult life managing other people.  I have heard many sad stories of personal struggles and challenges.  In other words, I know that many good people are doing all they can just to get through the day.  Some people are blessed in life more than others.  Life is not fair.  However, even the most blessed are not without struggles.  Human existence is full of pain and existential angst.  I can’t always make my pain or other’s pain go away.  If I am lucky I can ease someone else’s pain a little.  Maybe you will be inspired by the knowledge that we all share the human condition.  Don’t let the struggles of life get you down.  Keep going and never give up hope for a better tomorrow.  When life is sweet, enjoy it.  When it is sour, you will get through it and be a stronger person than you were before.      

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