Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Idea Of Something.... often worse than the doing of it.

It is my late night at work as I write these thoughts.  I have learned that the thought of working late is much worse than actually working late.  The one exception to this might be Friday nights.  It truly sucks to have to work late on Friday.  Late Fridays are even worse than Saturday mornings.  I actually think that Fridays should be mandatory short days with no meetings allowed.  When it is my late day, the first thought in my mind when the alarm clock goes off is “O God, it’s my late day.”  However when I get pass the psychological hump of my normal quitting time, the time left for me actually goes quickly.  I think this feeling is very true about much in life.  The idea of doing something is often much worse than the reality of doing it.  So many of us go through our life with a sense of dread.  This can be so bad that I have even dreaded the idea of having fun.  I might have the opportunity to go out and have some fun.  I find myself thinking, “Now I have to get dressed, drive downtown, and fight all those people”.  OK, sometimes this really is a hassle but when I am finally sitting in my seat in the Yum Center or the Palace Theater and some of my favorite musicians hit the stage and launch into their opening song, I get excited.  I will have this experience on Sunday night at a Joe Walsh concert.  OK, I admit this never happens when I work late but I can say the late hours are often peaceful and quiet.  I like the early part of the day and I like the late part of the day.  It’s the whole middle part of the day that usually makes me crazy.  May I be excused from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM every day?

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