Wednesday, August 24, 2016


“Your own self-realization is the greatest service you can render to the world”.
-Ramana Maharshi
In my mind, self-realization is the same as what Abraham Maslow calls “Self-Actualization”.  It is the pinnacle of what he calls the Hierarchy Of Needs.  As you can see below, the achievement of one set of needs normally leads to the next level of needs.  Except in the most exceptional of people you will not likely achieve self-realization or self-actualization if you are starving to death, living on the streets, lonely, and with no sense of self-esteem.  Our most basic needs as human beings must be met if we are to achieve the higher levels of fulfillment.  It is when we reach the self-actualization level of our personal growth that we discover what Thomas Merton and others call our “true self”.  This is the self that achieves our full potential as a person and who has the most to give and offer to the world.  This is the true goal for all of us.  You may achieve other goals in life but they won’t be as important as achieving your full potential and recognizing your own gifts and talents.  This is a life long journey.  You won’t reach it by age twenty five.  I am now sixty five and still striving for it.     

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