Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Election Day And Voting

For my friends in the United States....

Election day is one week from today.  All elections are important, especially in a presidential year.  This year’s election process has been exhausting and exceedingly controversial.  Whatever you think of the two presidential candidates, one of them will be the next president.  In the best of years no candidate can meet everyone’s expectations and desires.  I have followed this election closely and I have strong views about it.  I am certain we do not all share the same views for all kinds of reasons.  My own family is divided in their opinions.  What I want to do with this note is to encourage all of you to vote next Tuesday.  Your vote matters.  If you don’t believe this ask Al Gore about the Florida vote when the Supreme Court had to decide who won the election of 2000.  He lost the presidential election by approximately 400 votes.  If he had won the state of Florida, he would have been president instead of George Bush.  Not voting is still a vote.  In the last election only 30% of eligible voters in Kentucky voted and now we have a governor who was elected by 50% of the 30% of the eligible voters who actually voted.  He calls that a "mandate from the people".  I am not making a commentary on any candidates.  I am just making a point about the importance of voting.
I have done my civic duty by reminding all of you to vote.  I will cast my vote on my way to work next Tuesday.  You should do the same.  

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