Wednesday, November 09, 2016


This past weekend I attended the wedding of my niece.  It was outdoors in a beautiful setting.  Everything was very nice and the weather was cooperative.  Admittedly it did get a little cool once the sun set.  Although I could be seen as anti-social by some because of my reluctance to dress up and be with a lot of people, I do enjoy being with my extended family.  I have a great family and I was fortunate to marry into one.  My 86 year old mother is one of nine children, five of whom are still alive.  She is the oldest of the surviving siblings.  I am the oldest of her six children.  I have brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews, not to mention all of their spouses, children, and significant others.  Family can sometimes make you crazy but overall it is a good thing to be part of one.  It is amazing to think about our grandparents and parents and how two people who randomly meet can be the beginning of a large and sometimes wild family tree.  I loved reading Alex Haley’s saga of Kunta Kinte in Roots and I also love to watch all the ancestry programs on PBS television.  Who isn’t curious about their roots?  We all like to know where we came from and what traits and DNA we have inherited.  My youngest brother is a genealogy buff and has traced my mother’s family to Ireland and my father’s to Germany.  I never knew much about my roots before he did this research.  Speaking of family tree’s, attached is a picture of my mother and two of her sisters.  They are my favorite aunts and both of them changed my diaper one or more times when I was a baby.  When I was a cute little boy I was the ring bearer in my Aunt Shirley’s wedding.  She is the lady on the left.  The lady on the right is my Aunt Sara.  My mother is sitting down.  This picture was taken at my niece’s weeding this weekend.

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