Wednesday, November 09, 2016

The Morning After

Sometimes after living through something as stressful as our recent election, you have to get back to basics.  I came upon this thought that I wrote a long time ago and it seemed appropriate to share again.
Once I attended a Zen mindfulness day with some friends.  It was an early spring day and we were on a farm.  The day consisted of meditation, writing, and Zen walks.  When it was time to walk, the Zen Master would ring a bell and we would follow him in single file through the fields.  From time to time, he would ring the bell and we would stop walking.  During one of these pauses, I became aware of what a beautiful day it was.  The sky was deep blue, the sun was shining bright, and there was a chill in the air.  I was totally in the moment.  In the midst of this moment, I looked down and realized I was standing in a pile of cow dung.  The bell rang again and we started walking back to the farm house where we meditated and wrote in our journals.  The Zen Master asked if we had any thoughts about our walk and if we had an enlightenment that we would like to share.  I described my experience of being in the moment, enjoying the beauty of the day, and then realizing I was standing in cow dung.  He asked me what realization I had in that moment.  My response was that “life could be wonderful and beautiful even when you are standing in a pile of cow dung”!  However, this morning I feel like I woke up in a pile of fresh cow dung.

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