Thursday, October 19, 2006

Being Patient With Life

It is a cold and rainy night as I sit here in my room. The work week has gone by quickly and I am glad. The weekend is always a welcome sight. I was thinking today that I'm disappointed with the fall colors so far. Is it because of all the rain? Am I being impatient with nature? Has its time not yet arrived? Do we need more sun and dry days? Nature will move along at its own pace and it's not subject to my whims or desires. This reminds me of how impatient I can be at times. I advise everyone else to live in the moment and to practice mindfulness yet I am often impatience with the moment and eager for the next one. I want to fast forward the transformation of the leaves. Yet, if I were able to do that, autumn, my favorite time of the year, would pass quickly and I would soon find myself in the cold and sometimes bleak days of winter. Of course, there are other times and experiences where I wish I could slow down time or even stop it. When I am in one of those perfect moments that often come along unexpectedly, I want it to last forever. Thank God for variety in life. If life were always perfect, we would eventually loose our appreciation of its goodness. If life was always bad, we would probably despair. I think most of us are blessed with enough balance in our lives so we are not overwhelmed with the bad or annoying but don't have so much of the great and wonderful and beautiful that we forget what's it's like to hunger for good days. If we look more closely at our days, we would probably discover that each has this balance within it.

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