Monday, October 02, 2006

Post Concert Weekend Anti Climax Stress Syndrome

I am on vacation this week. After spending most of the weekend with approximately 75,000 people, it is good to have some alone time. It was nice to wake up this morning to the sounds of a typical Monday morning and to be able to ignore them. First I heard the sound of the paper boy throwing my morning paper on the driveway. Soon that was followed by the trash collector emptying my trash container into his truck. After things quieted back down I simply laid in bed for a few additional moments savoring the joy of not having to get up and go to work. Soon, however, I got out of bed so I could enjoy my leisurely morning. I made some coffee, and read the morning paper with some Moody Blues music quietly playing in the background. I love such moments.

Around midday I went out for a while and visited a fellow music lover at his music store. He was at the same concerts I attended so we shared our experiences. Before leaving I did some wheeling and dealing and trading, bringing home some new CD's and a DVD of a Roger Waters concert that is very close to replicating the show I saw over the weekend.

It is early evening now. Dinner is finished and the dreadful evening news is over for now. The airwaves are full of a new tragedy. A deranged man walked into an Amish school and killed some young children. What is up with this kind of senseless violence? If you absolutely want to kill yourself, go ahead and do it, but do you have to take other innocent people, especially children, with you?

This day is about over. I am not sure why but I feel a little down. Maybe it's Post Concert Weekend Anti Climax Stress Syndrome (PCWACSS). Even thought I am on vacation for the rest of the week, I have nothing to look forward to except sleeping in and hanging out in my room. That's not all bad. I will certainly have a lot of time for listening to music but sitting alone listening to CD's isn't quite the same experience as being with friends in a live setting. There you not only experience the sound of music being played in the moment, you can't help but get caught up in the adrenaline rush of being surrounded by other people sharing your enthusiasm. I am happy not to be at work but I face the prospect of a boring week ahead.

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