Thursday, October 26, 2006

A Day With Chloe And A Night With The Old Folks

I stayed home today to take care of my sick granddaughter. No one else could do it so I volunteered. Her father dropped her off very early and she crawled into my bed. She looked at me at said, "Pa Paw" before lying on my pillow. She quickly feel asleep and both of us stayed in bed till around 10:00 AM. After we got up, and when I wasn't giving her medicine, trying to get her to eat or drink, or changing her diaper, we sat in my chair together most of the day and watched the Disney Channel. We had conversations all day long and she must have said "Pa Paw" 500+ times as she pointed to objects and told me their name or color. Occasionally, she would act like Cleopatra, the Queen of the Nile, and I felt like one of her servants, but, in spite of her sickness, she behaved well and we had a great day of bonding.

After Chloe went home with her mother, my wife and I went to see my mother in law. It was Octoberfest at the old folks home. The beer and wine was flowing. There was a buffett of German food and a couple of old guys were playing polka music. I hadn't been to a party this wild since the Rolling Stones concert a few weeks ago. One old lady hit on me. I was sitting on a couch with my hat in my lap. She was looking for a place to sit so I offered her my seat. She said, "Sonny, if you move that hat, I can sit on your lap". When we left, the party was still going strong. They'll be talking about this at the breakfast table for weeks. While I was there I kept humming a song in my head called "Old Folks Boogie" by Little Feat. Wait till the Woodstock generation ends up in the retirement homes. We'll have some old guys playing music, too, but it won't be polka music. We'll be line dancing to "Jumping Jack Flash"! Our children will say, "Mom, Dad" are you doing OK? We'll reply, you bet! Life's a gas gas gas"!

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